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Skill Capital Management, LLC is a registered investment adviser, which opened for business in the spring of 2008 with approval from the state of Maryland. SCM invests client assets in Vanguard index mutual funds in order to construct low-cost, tax-efficient portfolios. As ample evidence indicates, investing via index mutual funds is superior to the vast majority of “active” investment approaches that attempt to beat the market by picking “good” stocks.

For the rebalancing of client account portfolios, SCM utilizes a proprietary model that “sells what’s been hot and buys what’s not.” This model removes emotions from the investment decision-making process and is contrarian by design. Every SCM client portfolio has an allocation to large-cap value stocks, large-cap growth stocks, small-cap stocks, and international stocks; additionally, for clients who want to invest via a balanced portfolio rather than an all stock portfolio, SCM offers 75/25 stock/bond, 50/50, and 25/75 portfolio types.

At the end of 2023, Matthew Wyskiel, founder & owner of Skill Capital Management, launched a new hedge fund (SCM Stocks Plus Fund, LP). Skill Capital Management is the general partner of the Fund, and Matthew Wyskiel is the initial limited partner. In early 2024, the Fund welcomed eleven additional limited-partner investors. Investors in the Fund must be an ‘accredited investor’ within the meaning of Regulation D under the Securities Act of 1933 as well as a ‘qualified client’ within the meaning of Rule 205-3 of the Advisers Act. The minimum investment amount is $200,000 with some flexibility based on personal circumstances.

Skill Capital Management

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